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Steven W. Wilcox, PhD

applied economist, family man, 

adventure and truth seeker.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Economics (APEC),

in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, at Utah State University. I completed my economics training at Cornell University.

I hail from Arizona and Utah but have bounced around quite a bit over the years. Before pursuing a PhD, I worked for many years in agriculture and natural resource management.  Details on my training, background, and other assorted details are in my CV.   

My research to date studies natural resources, agriculture, food systems, and humanity's relationship with these resources and systems. I use elements of agricultural economics, environmental and natural resource economics, and development economics in my work, which has applications in developed and developing country settings.


I have an affinity for working with spatial and remote sensing data and deploying such data in combination with microeconomic and other aggregate data for novel research objectives.


Inquires on my work are welcome, as are notes from prospective research collaborators, graduate and undergraduate students. 

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