Greetings!  After recently defending my PhD dissertation in applied economics at

Cornell University, my family and I (and my website) are taking a much needed break.


I want to thank all of my advisors, co-authors, and colleagues for their steady encouragement and patience over the last many years. Special thanks and appreciation go to my incredible partner, Sasha, and my two wonderful kids for helping me through this --

it would not have been possible without you!

In August 2022, I will be starting a new tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Applied Economics at Utah State University in beautiful Logan, Utah.

Once I've had a chance to catch a breather and get life re-oriented, my website will be back in working order with updates on my research and assorted endeavors.

In my new role, I'll start teaching in spring semester 2023, I'll be continuing my work on my existing projects, and I'm looking forward to developing new research focused natural resources and agriculture in the Western US.

My research to date studies natural resources, agriculture, food, and humanity's relationship with these resources and systems. I use elements of agricultural economics, environmental and natural resource economics, and development economics in my work, which has applications in developed and developing country settings.

My current projects are looking at agricultural commodity markets and deforestation, pollination choice in pollination-dependent agriculture, and the impacts of index-based livestock insurance on rangeland quality.

I expect to have several papers in the "working paper" phase and off to journals in the near future.


Please stay tuned...